Hydroclimaponics is the method of utilizing a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and economical production facility, which comprises of an automated, closed loop, vertical dual piping system for growing pristine plants.
The uniqueness of Hydroclimaponics is the monitoring, controlling and enhancing the Micro Environment of each plant within a controlled Macro environment that is herbicide and pesticide free.
Hydroclimaponics is designed to be robust to provide intensive production at low cost in virtually any environment.
Hydroclimaponics uses a supply of re-circulated, nutrient rich, UV filtered water that is continuously temperature controlled as a growing medium to the roots of the plant.
Hydroclimaponics adjusts the micro environment around each individual plant automatically according to pre-set parameters for optimum humidity, temperature, CO2 and a number of other elements.

Plants grown through this Hydroclimaponics method to our standards are branded Eden Pristine as it achieves optimal nutritional values, longer shelf life and flavoursome taste.   

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