I want to become a grower

Our Hydroclimaponics system has been fine-tuned over the last 7 years with more than 180 variables in concert.  Despite the highly technical nature what we do it is simple enough to operate proficiently within a couple of months.  

For growers we can convert existing greenhouses to our technology.  

We can also supply total packaged solutions including the greenhouse structure.    

We provide intensive training and support and will certify persons who have completed the training.  Growers who meet the standards consistently will be audited and can achieve the Hydroclimaponics Pristine certification. 

Retailers of produce

Would you want to secure a consistent supply of top quality fresh various Eden Pristine leafy and Asian greens such as Pak Choy and celery, basil, fancy lettuces that are optimized for nutritional value and herbicide and pesticide free at a reasonable price?

We are in the process of rolling out a number of production units worldwide that produce for retailers and wholesalers.  Currently we are already supplying to a similar retailer.

We can have a dedicated production unit (2,500m²) or units available for you that can within 6 months produce to the volume of 20-35 tons a month per unit or more 12 months a year. 

We are open to investigate specific variety production according to your needs.

Licensee/ Agent

We have concluded license and agent agreements for various countries and regions in the world that allows partners to promote our Hydroclimaponics™ in that market.

Investment Opportunities

We have packaged various investment opportunities that you may profit from our technology.

Downstream Product Processing

We are interested in discussing potential joint venture opportunities for downstream processing of our produce in juicing, pesto’s and other applications.

Home and retail systems

We are in the process of launching a home system and one that will be suitable for smaller community or retail applications such as rooftop gardens, restaurants, household greenhouses and office parks. 

Should you be interested please contact us.

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